Disability Income Insurance

Are You Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset?

Your ability to go to work and earn an income is the foundation on which your financial security is built. This is often overlooked.   

If one day, you become too sick or hurt to perform your job (or perform it effectively), your ability to earn an income may be significantly diminished or even lost.  Meanwhile, monthly bills accumulate. Without solid disability income protection as part of your foundation, any financial plan could unravel.

Planning ahead with adequate disability income insurance may be the smartest plan of action, but it isn't commonly understood. Some people don't learn enough about it until it's too late.

Real-life stories can give you quick insight into what it's like to lose the ability to work due to injury or sickness.  If you haven't known a friend, relative, neighbor, or co-worker that's shouldered a disability, take a few moments to check out LIFE STORIES

You, disabled? What are your chances?

If you could no longer work and earn an income, how you would pay for the following?

♦Food  ♦Clothing  ♦Car Payments  ♦Utilities  ♦Mortgage or Rent ♦Retirement  ♦Insurance premiums (Learn more about COBRA)  ♦Internet & Cell Phone  ♦College education for your children  ♦Extracurricular activities  ♦All the other expenses that help create your family's lifestyle

Do you already have Group Long Term Disability (GLTD) insurance?

Group Long Term Disability coverage is a good start to protecting your earning power. However, it may be wise to consider supplementing group coverage with personal DI coverage. 

Individual DI insurance can be a reliable solution:

  • Benefits are not subject to income tax

  • It can supplement any current group disability insurance plan so a larger portion of your income is protected. 

  • It's portable, so it can move with you as you respond to today's mobile marketplace.

Know your options.

 For more information supporting the need for Disability Income Replacement coverage, visit the Council For Disability Awareness http://www.disabilitycanhappen.org/ . Also, see the "Guide To Disability Income Insurance", published by America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). 

Thank you for taking the personal responsibility to learn more about disability income replacement insurance.  For a personal quote, CLICK HERE.